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Angela Merkel: How will the world remember her? – Deutsche Welle

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As her tenure as German leader comes to an end, DW’s correspondents around the world have been asking people for their thoughts on the outgoing chancellor. What do they think of her politics, and what do they believe her legacy will be?

Outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a greater commitment to Africa than her predecessors. But her policies haven’t necessarily made a difference on the ground.
Chancellor Angela Merkel will receive an official military ceremony to mark her departure from office after 16 years. Not only her choice of music leaves many wondering how much we really know her.
The Bundeswehr, Germany’s federal armed forces, bid farewell to Chancellor Angela Merkel. The “Grosser Zapfenstreich” is the highest military ceremony for a civilian.
“Get a vaccine, get a booster — that’s how we get out of this crisis,” Chancellor-designate Olaf Scholz said. Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel said she is in favor of mandatory vaccinations.
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