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Gotham Knights Will Be the CW's Next Big DC Superhero Show – Gizmodo

One of the more impressive feats the CW’s been able to pull off with its Arrowverse is building out an interconnected world of heroes in which Batman hasn’t exactly been the most central and important of characters. While Batman’s appeared for special events and factored into the lore of Batwoman, the CW’s been careful to give heroes who might normally get caught up in Batman’s gravity a chance to shine on their own.
Batman proper not being a major presence in the Arrowverse has meant that a number of characters closely tied to him, like Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Barbara Gordon, and Jason Todd, haven’t had the opportunities to pop up in ways that would make sense. That all may be about to change, however, depending on how the network’s latest live-adaptation shakes out.
Deadline reports that the CW is moving forward with a new Gotham Knights series from Batwoman executive producers Chad Fiveash and James Stoteraux, and Batwoman executive story editor Natalie Abrams. According to Deadline, the Berlanti Productions series will tell the story of how, in the wake of Batman’s death, his “adopted son” teams up with a number of the children of notable Gotham villains who’ve all been fingered for killing the Justice Leaguer. Currently, there’s no word on who might join Gotham Knights’ cast, which of Bruce Wayne’s adopted children the series will focus on, or how the show might fit into the larger Arrowverse
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