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Here is All the Drama Going on in the World of Formula 1 Right Now – Top Speed

We like to believe that Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, where those in charge are more dedicated to making the racing faster and more intense.
However, sometimes you could be fooled into thinking this incredibly money-driven sport is actually run by petty middle schoolers. What with all the rules and regulations, the behind-the-scenes part of this sport can be borderline dizzying.
The last couple of weeks have been fraught with penalties and mishaps from Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes and Max Verstappen at RedBull.
The most recent wave of drama began at the Brazilian Grand Prix when Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes was found to have been opening the rear wing more than 85 millimeters when DRS was activated during one of the qualifying sessions. As a result, he was disqualified from qualifying, but he was allowed to compete in the sprint race. Additionally, Hamilton was served a 5-place grid penalty, for taking his 5th engine of the season.
All this led to a 10th place grid starting position at the Brazilian Grand Prix Sunday, November 14.
Max Verstappen, meanwhile, decided to walk up to Hamilton’s parked car and touch the rear wing. You are not allowed to do this. He was fined 50,000 Euros but was never handed any other penalty because his touching of Hamilton’s rear wing didn’t do anything.
Formula 1 said in a statement “video from the rear-facing roll-hoop camera on car 44 shows that there is absolutely no movement of any of the wing elements on car 44 when Verstappen touches the back of the wing, and the stewards are satisfied…there was an insignificant force when Verstappen touched the wing.”
With Hamilton starting 10th and Verstappen starting on pole, nobody guessed hamilton would charge through the pack and then beat Verstappen by about 10 seconds. But that is exactly what happened.
It was Redbull’s turn to be in time out the following weekend at the Qatar Grand Prix. Verstappen was handed a 5-place grid penalty for not slowing down for double-yellow flags in qualifying, leaving him in 7th on the grid, well behind Hamilton, who started in 1st.
Hamilton took 1st place, and Verstappen took 2nd, surprising absolutely nobody. What was surprising, though, is that Fernando Alonso managed to land 3rd, his first podium finish since 2014.
Anyway, RedBull team boss Christian Horner made some questionable comments immediately after the race in regards to the yellow flag and penalty thrown at Verstappen.
Horner said, “They’ve got to have control of their marshals…I think there needs to be some grown-ups making grown-up decisions.” He also said that the yellow flag was thrown by a “rogue marshall.”
Currently, Verstappen is winning the driver’s standings with 351.5 points versus Hamilton’s 343.5.


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