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Is there a new COVID-19 variant in Europe? Why are cases so high? – Deseret News

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One of Europe’s biggest economic experts warned a new COVID-19 variant could be moving through Europe

Europe should be mindful of a possible new COVID-19 variant spreading through the region, according to one of Europe’s top economic experts.
Paolo Gentiloni, the E.U.’s commissioner for economics and taxation, said the pandemic isn’t over yet as cases continue to rise in Europe, according to CNBC.
Gentiloni said the rise of new COVID-19 cases could lead to new restrictions, too.
These comments come as a new COVID-19 variant has made headlines in Europe. French paper Le Telegramme reported that a new variant — called B.1.X or B.1.640 — had some mutations to the spike protein that scientists haven’t seen before.
Cyrille Cohen, a professor at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, told The Jerusalem Post that the B.1.640 variant likely came from Africa and is a sign of what can happen if more people don’t get the COVID-19 vaccine.
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