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Massive outage takes websites, including Amazon and major news sites, offline – NBC News

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Websites around the world, including major news sites, Amazon and the United Kingdom’s government page, were temporarily down during a massive outage early Tuesday.
Fastly, an American cloud computing services provider, said it began investigating the issue about 5:58 a.m. ET on its status page. The company, which provides content delivery services to many websites, said the issue was fixed within an hour.
“We identified a service configuration that triggered disruptions across our points of presence globally and have disabled that configuration,” Fastly told NBC News in a statement. “Our global network is coming back online.”
Multiple news outlets were taken offline, including BBC, Bloomberg News, CNN, The Financial Times, The Guardian, The New York Times and The Verge. Other websites like Reddit, Pinterest and Twitch were also affected by the outage. Amazon’s and Target’s retail websites and the U.K.’s government website — — were not working at some point, too.
“The Guardian’s website and app are currently being affected by a wider internet outage and will be back as soon as possible,” the outlet said in a statement on Tuesday.
“Some readers are currently unable to access We are looking into it and will send an update soon,” The New York Times tweeted earlier Tuesday.
Breaking: the internet. Huge parts of the web are currently offline, including Reddit, Twitch, and (regrettably) The Verge. We’ll keep you posted 👍
The Verge, which was down for more than an hour, got creative with sharing their outage news.
“Vast chunks of the internet are offline, including The Verge,” technology news website said. “Until we’re back, we’re reporting to you live out of Google Docs.”
Several websites, including The New York Times, CNN and The Guardian, appeared to return online about an hour after they were temporarily disabled.
Wilson Wong is a culture and trends reporter for NBC News Digital.


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