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Professional Tag! A favorite childhood game is now a pro sport – WGN-TV

by: , Janye Killelea
CHICAGO – Tag you’re it! The popular childhood game, Tag, is now a pro sport! That’s right, a professional sport with people getting paid to play it.
World Chase Tag televised the UK Championship on ESPN Networks over the weekend. Eight of the top UK teams battled some of the world’s best Parkour and Ninja Warrior athletes.
The top teams will qualify for a spot in the World Championship in London this June.
“Pro Tag” actually made its U.S. television debut this past Halloween when ESPN2 aired a two hour show about the rise of the “World Chase Tag” phenomenon.
On average, a professional tag player makes between $1,000 and $5,000 a month depending on their skill level.

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(The Hill) – Amazon Web Services (AWS) were down Tuesday morning, leaving large parts of the internet reliant on the tech giant’s services offline. 
On its health service dashboard, AWS posted a message at 11:22 a.m. ET that the company is “investigating increased error rates for the AWS Management Console.”
CHICAGO — As people are busy buying Christmas gifts, federal law enforcement is warning shoppers about counterfeit goods.
Officials said consumers really need to follow the Golden Rule when comes to buying anything, but they need to be especially careful online. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Customs and Border Protection officers are doing what they can to stop the knockoffs from getting into the country.
OAHU, Hi. (NEXSTAR) – On the day that will live in infamy – December 7, 1941 – 2,403 U.S. personnel were killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Eighty years later, many of those killed are finally returning home and being laid to rest.
Among those killed were over 1,700 aboard the USS Arizona, 103 aboard the USS California, and nearly 430 aboard the USS Oklahoma. Following the attack, many of those killed were unable to be recovered from the ships they were aboard. Others could not be identified but were laid to rest in Hawaii. That changed decades after the attack as the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) has been working to identify those killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor.


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