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Staff Writer Jacob Factor's most memorable stories of 2021 – Tulsa World

We’ve asked each Tulsa World reporter and photographer to look back at this year and share their thoughts on the stories that stuck with them. Jacob’s included the impact of the McGirt decision and more.
To be in Tulsa during the centennial of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre as a born-and-raised Tulsan was easily one of the most memorable moments of my life. I had the fortune of learning about the Massacre when I was a student at Carver Middle School, and I was honored to be a part of sharing Greenwood’s story. Seeing Greenwood residents finally have their stories told nationally felt like the first step towards healing and justice.
The epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women, men and two-spirit people has long gone unnoticed by mainstream audiences. This was my first Sunday front page story, and I will always be grateful I was able to share my own people’s MMIP struggles through the Tulsa World. MMIP victims’ stories are now being shared even at the federal and international levels.
The McGirt vs. Oklahoma Supreme Court decision has been one of the most talked about and most impactful events in Oklahoma and Indian Country in the last few years. When state and local officials began speaking out on their grievances with the decision, tribal officials often had to play fact-checker to combat political arguments against tribal jurisdiction. Tribal leaders have also often been left out of discussions when it comes to the Supreme Court decision, which is why putting both the tribe’s and the district attorney’s messages side by side was so important for this story.
This heinous crime that shook the city of Muskogee has stayed with me all year. It was my first field assignment with Tulsa World, and since then, I’ve kept myself mindful of how crimes affect the communities in which they occur.
I doubt most Oklahomans will be able to forget the double winter storms of February. I handled most of the coverage of the historic storms, and the single-digit temperatures, double-digit snowfall accumulations, triple-digit car crashes and mass power outages on top of daily conversations with the National Weather Service’s meteorologists made for a hectic and unforgettable week.
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We’ve asked each Tulsa World reporter and photographer to look back at this year and share their thoughts on the stories that stuck with them.

“Wade Lay believes he is being executed as part of a vast government conspiracy aimed at silencing him,” said Sarah Jernigan, an attorney for Lay. “The court correctly found sufficient concern about his competency to warrant a trial” on that matter.

Yonna and Jason Creason chose the CALM Center, a short-term stay facility for youths ages 10 to 17 that provides immediate support, assessment and stabilization for emotional, behavioral or substance abuse crises, as their fundraiser recipient.
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