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The News Roundup for October 29, 2021 : 1A – NPR

Pope Francis blesses worshippers as he arrives to hold a general audience in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican. FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP via Getty Images hide caption
Pope Francis blesses worshippers as he arrives to hold a general audience in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican.
Reports indicate that the Biden administration has privately told interested lawmakers that the portion of the social spending bill devoted to climate will amount to $500 billion. If true, the climate portion of the bill will be its biggest slice.
The Virginia gubernatorial election, touted as one of the year’s most important, is heating up as it reaches its final stretch. President Joe Biden has made statements concerning what a Republican takeover of the state would mean for the GOP and potentially for Donald Trump. Polls indicate the race is in a dead heat.
State and local authorities continue to resist federal vaccine mandates. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey issued an executive order to state agencies to resist the mandate where possible. The police union in New York City is filing a lawsuit against the city over the municipal government’s mandate.
It’s been a big week for the Vatican. President Joe Biden is meeting with Pope Francis as both are being targeted by conservative members of their respective structures. The pope has also agreed to visit Canada following revelations concerning the Church’s role in the deaths of thousands of native children.
Following rising tensions with China, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen confirms U.S. troops have been training the Taiwanese military.
Australian soccer player Josh Cavallo came out this week as gay, making him the only out player in a top-flight professional soccer league.
Astead Herndon, Shane Harris, and Alice Ollstien join us for the conversation of domestic news.
Nancy Youssef, Paul Danahar, and Amy MacKinnon join us for the discussion of international headlines.
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