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Trump accuses Benjamin Netanyahu of disloyalty after he congratulated Biden – Daily Mail

By Emily Goodin, Senior U.S. Political Reporter and Associated Press


Benjamin Netanyahu defended his congratulatory message to Joe Biden on the 2020 presidential election in the wake of Donald Trump’s criticism, saying it was ‘important’ for him to do so.
The former Israeli prime minister spoke of his gratitude for all Trump did for Israel after the former president slammed him for his message to Biden, saying ‘f*** him.’
‘I highly appreciate President Trump’s big contribution to Israel and its security. I also appreciate the importance of the strong alliance between Israel and the U.S. and therefore it was important for me to congratulate the incoming President,’ Netanyahu said in a statement to Axios
Trump railed against Netanyahu in an interview that ran in the news outlet, calling him disloyal and ungrateful after the former PM congratulated his election rival for the November 2020 victory. 
‘I haven’t spoken to him since. F*** him,’ Trump said.  
Trump and Netanyahu touted their close relationship and mutual admiration when Trump was president and Netanyahu was Israeli prime minister, but Trump said he values ‘loyalty’ and he claimed Netanyahu was disloyal for congratulating Biden.
‘I liked Bibi. I still like Bibi. But I also like loyalty. The first person to congratulate Biden was Bibi. And not only did he congratulate him, he did it on tape,’ Trump told Axios, referring to Netanyahu by his nickname. 
Netanyahu was not the first world leader to congratulate Biden and he waited more than 12 hours after the U.S. networks called the election to send his felicitations. 
He did post his congratulations on Twitter and in a video on November 8, 2020, the day after the race had been called in Biden’s favor. In the post, he and Biden have had a ‘long & warm’ personal relationship for almost 40 years and sees him as ‘a great friend of Israel’ and looks forward to working together.
‘Bibi could have stayed quiet. He has made a terrible mistake,’ Trump said. 
Donald Trump slammed his former ally Benjamin Netanyahu for congratulating Joe Biden on winning last year’s presidential election, saying ‘f*** him – the two men are seen together at the White House on September 15, 2020
Trump claimed he did more to help Israel than any one else
Trump has continued to push the lie that he was the actual winner of the 2020 election. 
He accused the former Israeli leader of disloyalty, saying he had helped Netanyahu in his own elections by reversing decades of U.S. policy and supporting Israel’s claims over the Golan Heights, captured from Syria during a war in 1967.
In a separate Twitter post at the time, Netanyahu thanked Trump ‘for the friendship you have shown the state of Israel and me personally, for recognizing Jerusalem and the Golan, for standing up to Iran, for the historic peace accords and for bringing the American-Israeli alliance to unprecedented heights.’ 
Trump, however, argued to Axios that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro waited to congratulate Biden. For months after the election was called, the Trump campaign sued in various states and demanded recounts – the results of which showed Biden’s victory.
‘There was no one who did more for Netanyahu than me. There was no one who did for Israel more than I did. And the first person to run to greet Joe Biden was Netanyahu,’ Trump complained.
‘And not only did he congratulate him — he did it in a video. If you look at the leaders of other countries – like Brazil – he waited months. Putin. Many other leaders. Mexico. All of them also felt that the election was over. But they, too, were waiting. No one did more than me for Bibi. Money too. We gave them a lot of money and gave them soldiers. We did everything,’ he said. 

Netanyahu was replaced as prime minister last summer after he was unable to form a governing majority in the wake of four hard-fought elections in less than two years.
He is waging a continuous campaign to win back the Prime Minister’s office while on trial for corruption. 
The Trump administration took unprecedented steps to support Israel, including dropping objections to its settlements in the occupied West Bank and recognizing Jerusalem as its capital. After proposing a Mideast plan that was adamantly rejected by the Palestinians, the administration brokered normalization agreements between Israel and four Arab states.
Trump said his decision to recognize Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, which it captured from Syria in the 1967 war, helped Netanyahu ahead of Israeli elections in April 2019.
‘I did it right before the election, which helped him (Netanyahu) a lot,’ Trump told Israeli journalist Barak Ravid for his forthcoming book ‘Trump’s Peace: The Abraham Accords and the Reshaping of the Middle East.’
The Trump administration also withdrew from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, to which Israel had been strongly opposed. After he re-imposed U.S. sanctions that had been lifted under the deal, Iran began publicly exceeding the limits it had set on its nuclear program. Biden is now working with world powers to try to restore the agreement.
‘I´ll tell you what – had I not come along I think Israel was going to be destroyed,’ Trump said in the remarks published by the Yediot Aharonot newspaper. ‘I think Israel would have been destroyed maybe by now.’
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